Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Look Back And Laugh

Screaming At A Wall and The FearMonger Experiment were my first real attempts to get my work out into the public since I starting writing my own material 7 years ago. I decided to leave both blogs up after removing a bulk of the unsatisfactory posts, leaving only the ones I was any sort of proud of. I personally don't like re-reading many of them, but I still get a hundred or so views a week, so at least somebody is enjoying them.

And while I may look back at some of these old works with a feeling of disappointment, the feeling is part of evolving as a writer, as an artist. This page allowed me to connect with people, I was given a lot of positive feedback, offers for writing jobs, and I had conversations with people that I otherwise wouldn't have. I'm thankful for all of that, truly appreciative...but it's no longer something that suits me.

In the 1873 publication, Studies of the History of the Renaissance, Walter Pater said "All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music."
What he means is most forms of art can only imitate the world we perceive, the finished product merely being a representation of a representation. It challenges the audience to draw out the essence, and the effectiveness of your art is based on the clarity of it's message.
On the other hand, music bypasses this partition between the corporeal and the intangible essence by being self-representative.
To evoke a similar effect in other mediums is the real challenge of an artist, so that is my goal.
To write works that flow and feel as music.
It no longer holds meaning to maintain a page like this, none of this work reflects who I want to become as a writer. So this is my farewell to this page and to this personality of writing; I'm not nearly as angry and dissatisfied as I was back then. I've moved on to bigger projects, projects that really mean something to me.

So why am I writing this now? Shouting into a desolate section of the internet that has long since faded into obscurity?

I'm doing it for me, and for the one person on this planet that might be able to take something away from it. That's how it started, and I think it's fitting that that's how it ends.

Later everyone, thanks for all the support!

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