Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why So Sacred, Why So Serious?

I understand that the pursuit of any artistic endeavor is physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing. I know you want to sequester and protect your baby of a project more than anything else in the world. You hope that nobody will ever see this personal side of you, that it will forever be sealed away in the portfolios and shoeboxes that never see the light of day. You do not want your expressions to be ridiculed, downplayed, or even stolen. You're protective nature is completely understandable...
...but I'm begging you to start thinking and doing the exact opposite. 

I have the highest order of respect for any artist that has their work displayed in gallery somewhere, I love every last kid in an active and performing band, even if I fucking hate their music. Every person that actually takes the time to put their heart and soul into a creative project is partially terrified of the rejection, but a certain distinction is made when they decide to make it available to the public. Unlike the many people that will talk to you for years about "that tattoo they totally plan on getting," these people rose to the occasion and decided to really and truly express themselves to the world around them, if only just this once.

You say you're afraid of rejection, of the all-powerful force of public perception. Or maybe you just say it's something that's personal, that's only meant for you. But the real joy of making any art is connecting with someone, anyone. So even if I don't like you as a person, even if I'm not into what you're into as an artist, I still respect you if you're willing to put yourself out there.

Every day you keep creating and producing is another day you're still living your life in the awesome aura of victory. Everyday you make excuses and hold yourself back from doing potentially monumental work is another day in defeat. I'm begging you, as a friend, as a fellow artist, and as a human being; don't stop trying, and don't keep yourself from taking those first few steps because you're scared of what people might think. If you're capable of making art in any of it's forms, you have the potential to reach out to people with more than just actions and words, and to avoid this potential connection is just straight up irresponsible. There is no right or wrong way to start, just fucking start and don't look back until you've made something that truly expresses you, and don't settle for anything less.

Thank you for reading everyone, never give up on what you want to be.